Stretch Wrap – 1000’ of 5”

Our stretch plastic wrap is perfect for binding, bundling, and fastening while moving and storing. 1 roll contains 1000’ of 75-gauge, green-tinted virgin cast film. 5” includes 1 tension control handle, 10” contains 2 tension control handles.

Mover’s stretch wrap has hundreds of uses, from wrapping dressers and cabinets to keep the doors and drawers in place, to bundling items together like tools or utensils. Our mover’s stretch wrap is residue-free, making it a perfect alternative to tape for securing bubble cushion or other protective materials to mirrors, artwork, and picture frames. Wrap your couches, coffee tables, dining room chairs, and so much more with stretch wrap to protect the furniture from damage while in transit or in storage. The possibilities are endless with this incredibly versatile packing tool!